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Čebelarstvo Cvet
Mitja Nakrst 
Žeje 30
1233 Dob pri Domžalah
Gsm 031 291 603

E-pošta info@cebelarstvocvet.si
Spletna stran http://www.cebelarstvocvet.si

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Količina na zalogi

6.00 €

Količina na zalogi
Dear beekeepers, I would like to thank to all of you who have in the year 2017 trusted us and used our Bee Queens. We would like to invite you to pre-book the Bee Queens for the 2018 season. Queens will be available in the first half of May. You are welcome to visit our website www.cebelarstvocvet.si, or follow our breeding activities on our facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/cebelarstvocvet/ We wish you nice holidays and a successful and healthy year 2018. Best Regards Mitja Nakrst

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